Buttons, Buttons, Who’s got the buttons?

February 2015

For the coronation of Omega V and Etheldreda IV, I was asked to assist with the making of some custom buttons bearing the Serpentius crest for the dress of Etheldreda Yvelchylde.

The original design was carved in clay by Honig von Sommerfeldt. This was my first button casting project, and had not yet learned the importance of the 3-part mold, and I had to create a jig to hold and drill out the shank to be able to be sewn on. The request was for 20 pewter buttons, but I provided more than 50.

Cast in Pewter using silicone mold. The buttons were then antiqued using ferric chloride to oxidize the pewter and polished up to create rich contrast.

I was presented with the Metalsmith to the Crown award for my efforts and over achievement.

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