November 2018

The Order of the Golden Rapier

I feel the need to unburden myself of my quirky crafting behavior and my process. I almost never know how I am going to make a thing. I know what I want, and I have ideas and plans how to get there, but much of my process is adapting to reality of a project. Sometimes materials don’t behave they way I want, or my skill level isn’t up to the level that matches my vision. Whatever the reason, I frequently need to modify my process to accommodate the project. This odd behavior comes into play when I take a commission to make something for someone with a specific purpose and deadline; like an award. As a result I duplicate my efforts to ensure that I have a deliverable when it’s needed. Sometimes I make several versions, sometimes I make duplicates and select the best, and sometimes I abandon some paths mid-stride in favor of a better option. All of this is to say sometimes the stars align and all paths lead to success.

In this case I was fortunate enough to be able to complete and be satisfied with multiple options. Without further ado, I present the three O.G.R.s made for Æsa Ormstunga, called Jotunsbane!

First pin: etched copper, champlevé enameled and cut out using jeweler’s saw, electroplated gold.

Medallion: etched copper, champlevé enameled with sand cast copper ouroboros.

Second pin: etched copper, champlevé enameled with sand cast copper ouroboros. lost wax ouroboros

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