King’s Order of Excellence

June 2019

I was offered the opportunity to help recognize a friend for his efforts to create incredible authenticity in the realm. Arne Ulrichson was given invitation to enter the King’s Order of Excellence, a well deserved honor.
For my part, I was honored to have been asked by the crown to create a brooch in the style of a 14th century Holland enameled brooch. The Crown wished that I include the King’s heraldic boot (Ozurr the Boot-Giver) into the design, and I added a little artistic license and personalization to the pin.
I was very happy with the way it came together, and while I missed out on the look on his face when he received it, I am glad that it has gone to a most deserving example of authenticity in every meaning of the word.

Original design created digitally and 3d printed. Then a mold was made for the creation of wax models that could be cleaned and detailed.
Lost wax cast. Fine silver. Vitreous enamel.
Piercework pin.

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