Maunche medallion for Shoshana Gryffyth

All the way back in March I had the opportunity to make a medallion to commemorate the welcome induction of my apprentice sibling, Shoshana Gryffyth, into the Order of the Maunche.
I wanted to make an enamelled medallion, but throughout the process ran into a few snags. Painting the enamel kept bleeding over the edges. The results were not up to the level that I knew I was capable of and that I wanted to present to Shoshana. I started over, changed the method I was employing, and voila! The edges were crisp and beautiful, and border added just the right look to the piece.
I was unable to be at the event due to mundane responsibilities, but was overjoyed to hear how well it was received. It meant a lot to see the finished medallion used as her Profile pic.
I really do enjoy making awards, it’s a way for me to feel more of a connection to our shared dream.

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