Personal token of Saruca bint Lazari

In addition to all the great awards I have gotten to make, ( and I do LOVE) making awards, I have also been crafting to personal tokens.
These are items usually individualized to a person. They might be given as a token of appreciation, or as a memento of a shared moment or as a calling card of sorts. It is up to the individual.
This recent example was crafted to the specifications of one Saruca bint Lazari. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting her, you should look to that. She is a ray of positivity and wants to help one and all to realize and enjoy The Dream. The design is a collaboration of her ideas where she requested on one side of the token to have a crescent moon and the letter “S”. On the reverse is a way to symbolize one of seven.
I am happy with the end result, and I hope she will be as well.
Original model was copper etched and cut using jeweler’s saw. The mold was a modern silicone, and the tokens are cast from pewter.

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