Shenanigans: I mustache you a question!

Shenanigans: I mustache you a question!
Some of you may know that the Great North Eastern War has become where I live up to the moniker Shenanigans Apprentice. This year was no different, and this year’s focus was our beloved friend and royal Herald, Sir Zhigmun’ Czypsser, known to many as Zippy. If you know him, you will know he is a memorable sort and takes great pride in the magnificence that is his mustache. He is a great friend and a source of much joy and friendship for me personally. To that end I sought to satisfy the envy we many have felt for the ginger handlebar, with enameled pins in the shape of his flavor saver. You may have seen a few around at the war displayed by their Majesties and her Highness and many others. It was a good excuse to practice my skills enameling, so I crafted 30 with vitreous enamel upper lipholstery copper pins. Some with various heraldic charges, and some to display pride.
Zippy was a great sport about them and was happy to wear one with the colors of his badge.
Thanks everyone for participating and wearing the colorful Lip Toupee.

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