Diadem commission of Theodora Bryenissa, called Treannah

June 2021

Last year I was given the opportunity to create a new coronet artifact for Baron Wulfgar Silfrahárr by Baroness Theodora Bryennissa. This year the baroness wished a diadem artifact for herself in a similar style, so that she could have a new accessory to wear on the event of her elevation to the Order of the Pelican. I was happy to work with her to create a vision and fulfill her request in time for the wondrous event.

To be similar to Baron Wulfgar’s we chose a silver band (nickel silver) and created a similar hand hammered pattern, and used the same brass trim to accent the diadem. Baroness Treannah wished for keshi pearls to be used for her diadem, having never previously worked with these, I was excited for an opportunity to explore a new material component and the challenges that would come with them.

I was able to acquire some beautiful large (16-18 mm) Keshi, or cornflake, pearls for this diadem and began determining the best way to mount them to the face of the diadem.
Because of the irregular, and unique shape of the pearls, a standard bezel would not work so I opted for a prong setting. I then needed to learn how to make some custom prong fittings for each of the pearls. After a bit of trial and error, and several failures, I was able to create custom prong settings that would be pinned through and secured the pearls in an elegant manner. The settings were made from nickel silver and fine silver.

I was pleased to be able to see the diadem in action adorning the head of the Baroness at her recent elevation, alongside the coronet created last year for Baron Wulfgar. I am always in awe when viewing an artifact that I have made being enjoyed and helping to add to the aesthetic of our events. Thanks for the opportunity to be a participant and congratulations on your recognition and elevation!

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