Overdue Updates: Part 1 Elevation

April 22

Hello my beloved friends. I know that I have been silent these past few months, but I owe a recap of all the wonderous things that have happened since last I posted. ( This is going to be a long one, so bear with me)

Let’s start at the top; in August of last year at the Coronation of Honig II and Ioannes II, Duke Tindal asked a boon of their new majesties to complete a bidding he was unable to conclude before the end of his reign and with that I was given a writ to join the illustrious Order of the Laurel. To say that I was dumbstruck is an understatement but I was honored and amazed. Not only was I to be inducted into the highest order of the Arts in the Society, but I would have the privilege and pleasure of having this bestowed upon me by my teacher, my Royals, and my fiends. I do not know how long it took me to fully process this. I honestly might still be processing it, even now months later and after the elevation. My amazing wife took control of the entire thing and worked with friends and loved ones to plan (read scheme) an amazing vigil and elevation. The global pestilence would continue to wreak havoc and cause several delays and changes, but the commitment of my friends, peers, and loving family would not be held at bay. On Feb 14, we held a private Vigil for me and a few of the closest we could manage under the best judgement surrounding the current plague conditions, and held a mixed Ethereal and in person event to celebrate and elevate me into the Order. It was perfect. While I wish that I could have been able to share it with so many more, the fact that I was able to share it at all made it an amazing evening. I had some of the greatest speakers and I have the advantage of it being recorded for all time. ( Elevation starts & 46:10)

It was amazing and left me entirely overwhelmed and speechless and I can never thank everyone who made this even such a magical occasion and helped to touch my heart, but know that you are the greatest there ever was and I will be eternally grateful for your love. I will go through some of the regalia and gifts I received shortly and in great detail.

But Wait There’s More!

A secret surprise was in store for the night and dear friend, Bannthegn Leda Zipyos, was given a writ to herself join the Order of the Laurel, and I was able to be a part of that following my own elevation. We are (spiritual) Laurel Twinsies!!!

The amazing gifts I received as part of the ceremony and beyond are magical, heartfelt, overwhelming, and beyond awe inspiring.

The gossamer Tunic and imperial Toga I was wearing for my Elevation was crafted by the nimble fingers of Iulia Baebiana, who almost literally worked her fingers to the bone to help ensure that I looked as befitting of the honor.

Lamps to light my path were constructed by the Master Samuel Peter Bump with my arms. They shall adorn my camp and light the way for years to come.

The clever and witty words that were spoken were written by my old friend Nicol mac Donnachaidh, who never misses an on opportunity to quip and jest with words.

I was given tokens made of my arms by none other than Sir Zhigmun’ Czypsser, holder of multiple awards for his own arts, and is one of the best pewter smiths I have had the pleasure to work with. Oh and he heralded the whole night, cause he’s THAT good.

The scroll is a monument to the talent and the love that I have managed to surround myself with. Literally. It is a monumental mosaic. My big sister, Christiana Crane, outdid herself once again by producing a tile mosaic commemorating my elevation. She set aside all the trouble a little brother had caused to her and created a ‘ding’ so wonderous, it is worthy of two; ‘ding-dings’, nay it is a triumph worthy of a ‘Dong’. I love it.

My mistress, my teacher, my friend, and my Queen Honig gave to me of herself, not only in teaching me and guiding me through this path to become the Laurel I am, but she shared with me her hearth and home and brought me into new family and helped me spread my own tailfeathers and to be proud of who I am and excited to know what I can be. As if these gifts were not enough, she passed to me the ring that was given to her on the occasion of her Elevation to the Order. It shall remain a prized treasure and source of strength and pride for all my days.

My beautiful wife, Baroness Aureliana Curva, made this day happen despite it being in the midst of the dreaded Season of the Levies and Tariffs. She poured everything into making this event beyond magical, creating a space and transporting us there, and I cannot express my love and thanks adequately.

There are additional gifts that are still being worked on that I look forward to being honored with, but the plague times are hard time on us all and everything will come in due course.

I think I have prattled on enough for the time being. I have SEVERAL more updates to post; awards given and received, treasures made and exciting new courses for me to follow. Come along for the journey and join where you are able!!

Thank you, friends.

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