Baronial Coronet for Sir Arne Ulrichson

February 2022

If the previous project was fraught with trials and tribulations, this one made up for it. As if by some divine providence, everything came together for me exactly as I wanted and I was able to make this artifact for Sir Arne.


I was inspired by his dedication to his research and persona crafting. I tried to research into pieces of this era but also wanted to incorporate elements of his personal arms into the piece. I was not looking to make a replica, but a unique piece for him but wanted to try to keep to the aesthetics of his persona time period and geography of 1370s Sweden.


The band is brass, hammered to provide texture elements. The crosses are cut with jeweler’s saw and pinned through the polished copper discs with brass rivets. The eagles are pewter cast. I assembled the cross and discs onto the band prior to forming the shape, and then brought the entire piece to a high polish shine. Final step was to attach the pewter eagles and pearls.


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