Silver Thunder Wheel

September 2016 When a member of Rolling Thunder reaches the status and esteem of elder within the clan they are sometimes offered to be included into the rank of a Silver in the clan and they are presented with a silver wheel and bolt to replace their bronze wheel. I was asked to help make... Continue Reading →

Bronze Rolling Thunder wheels

August 2016 Continuing the experiments in making bronze and practicing techniques using greensand casting, I made some bronze wheels to be given by the elders of my house to deserving new members of the Rolling Thunder local households.

Making Bronze

June 2016 My first experiment into making my own bronze from recipe referenced in Pliny the Elder's Natural History where he discusses the use of white lead( tin) in combination with copper to create a bronze alloy. This experiment uses a 80/20 copper/tin mixture by weight. I first melted the copper, then added the tin... Continue Reading →

Sword embellishments

May 2015 To commemorate the event of the his admission to the Order of the Chivalry I created embellishing plaques for the knighting sword of Master Ioannes. Designed based from his arms of a three-headed hydra in the style of his household Serpentius. Initially designed digitally, 3D printed, molded, and modified to fit the gladius... Continue Reading →

Buttons, Buttons, Who’s got the buttons?

February 2015 For the coronation of Omega V and Etheldreda IV, I was asked to assist with the making of some custom buttons bearing the Serpentius crest for the dress of Etheldreda Yvelchylde. The original design was carved in clay by Honig von Sommerfeldt. This was my first button casting project, and had not yet... Continue Reading →

Badges of Rhydderich Hael

Dec 2014 Commission for the Baron and Baroness of Rhydderich Hael in the kingdom of Aethelmarc. Model composite of unknown origin, cast in pewter, painted by me, finished with epoxy coat to emulate enameling.

Gretehed Holde Household pins

For members of "Camp Smüg" a pin was commissioned of their household badge, Sable, a pomegranate slipped and leaved argent and seeded gules and an orle argent. Art was drawn by Honig von Sommerfeldt onto the copper as a resit for the etching done using ferric chloride acid. A silicone mold was then made from... Continue Reading →

Casting Whimsy: Pewter Solo cup

July 2014 As a bit of whimsy and in an effort to try to cast something large and three dimensional I took it upon myself as a challenge to create a pewter Solo cup. This was my first attempt and while I intend to return to perfect this at some point, the Mk I version... Continue Reading →

Bodice dagger Cyphers

Feb 2012 This was a collaborative project with Fionn Mac Con Dhuibh where he created an original hilt design in clay and created the blades of brass. The final decorative bodice dagger was cast in pewter around the brass. It was a bit of an engineering to come up with a way to secure the... Continue Reading →

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