Baronial Coronet for Sir Arne Ulrichson

February 2022 If the previous project was fraught with trials and tribulations, this one made up for it. As if by some divine providence, everything came together for me exactly as I wanted and I was able to make this artifact for Sir Arne. Inspiration I was inspired by his dedication to his research and... Continue Reading →

Baronial Coronet for Anna von Baden

Overdue Update: part the next December 2021 I was commissioned to produce a coronet for the granting of a barony of the court of Ioannes II and Honig II to Anna von Baden. I was given free reign to decide style and aesthetics with the only request to include flowers of the Edelweiss as a... Continue Reading →

Baronial Coronet for Fearghus mac Cailin

October 2021 The spiritual pairing to Cat's diadem is of course the coronet for Fearghus mac Cailin. I was glad to be able to produce a coronet that not only fit his personality, but also his head, using techniques of sneakiness and treachery that would I knew he would appreciate. Inspiration I used his arms... Continue Reading →

Gorgoneion Cypher

Our Sovereign, Magnus Tindal, requested some assistance in crafting a Cypher that could be awarded to members of our community that provided exceptional service during their exceptional reign.  After discussing what type of form this award would be we agreed that it should be something that was practical and useful rather than a mere display... Continue Reading →

Roman Diadem

June 2021 This was a commissioned diadem artifact for patron Baroness Kassir Ni Deoraine looking to add to their Roman aesthetic. It combines metal shaping, cutting, and forming, casting, enameling, acid etching, carving all to create a single artifact. Inspired from Roman period designs and elements enhanced to include personalized aspects of the patron and... Continue Reading →

Lily Morgaine Maunche Ring

April 2021 Inspired by the Æthelswith Ring The project was to create a ring as gift to commemorate the induction on Lily Morgaine into the order of the Maunche.  Her persona of an 8th century resident of the central British Isles led me to the extant finger ring of the Queen of Mercia, a close... Continue Reading →

A Brass Pomander

January 2021 From the Middle Ages through the Renaissance, pomanders were considered an important and even necessary accoutrement in navigating through a pungent and often foetid environment. The jeweler’s talent and inventiveness was sorely challenged by the creation of these delicate cages of gold and gems designed to hold perfumes, cloves and ambergris -scents that... Continue Reading →

Diadem commission

I come today to show the latest example of my work producing a diadem for a wonderful peer of the East. It was requested to feature certain elements of their device; acorns and hearts. It was also desired to illustrate their station as both a double peer of the realm and a holder of a... Continue Reading →

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