Klaus Koin project

April-June 2020 Originally from several Facebook Posts collected here for the blog. Salve my friends and socially distant followers!I would like to discuss a little about my process today. I will be breaking this up into multiple posts as I am prone to long-winded rambling and not yet done with the project. This about me... Continue Reading →

Consort’s Order of Courtesy

MAY 2020 A project that my Mistress, the Countess Ro Honig von Sommerfeldt, challenged me to use my knowledge to create an award for the realm. She observed that the Consort's Order of Courtesy traditional regalia of a white embroidered glove was not always apt to a persona that did not wear a belt. She... Continue Reading →

Commissioned Coronet Baron Wulfgar Silfrahárr

May 2020 Band is hand-hammered nickel-silver with brass pattern wire embellishments. The Stag is etched copper, and enameled. The jewels are imitation amber. I tried experimenting with a few new techniques where after I hammered and polished the band, I plated with copper, and then polished again.  It provides a very subtle color variation in... Continue Reading →

Diadem for Baroness Audrye Beneyt

March 2020 My apprentice cousin asked for me to help enhance her presence for her upcoming role as Vox Regis for their highnesses Tindal and Alberic with a new coronet that would better fit a Roman reign.  I was honored to be asked, and was happy to assist.  We worked together to review some extant... Continue Reading →

Tyger’s Cub

September 2019 Celebrating the deserving children of the East into the order of the Tyger's Cub is a wonderful recognition of our youth and their efforts to be a part of our society. There were three such young individuals who are inseparable and have built a bond that I hope will last for a very... Continue Reading →

Shenanigans: I mustache you a question!

Shenanigans: I mustache you a question!Some of you may know that the Great North Eastern War has become where I live up to the moniker Shenanigans Apprentice. This year was no different, and this year’s focus was our beloved friend and royal Herald, Sir Zhigmun' Czypsser, known to many as Zippy. If you know him,... Continue Reading →

Personal token of Saruca bint Lazari

In addition to all the great awards I have gotten to make, ( and I do LOVE) making awards, I have also been crafting to personal tokens.These are items usually individualized to a person. They might be given as a token of appreciation, or as a memento of a shared moment or as a calling... Continue Reading →

King’s Order of Excellence

June 2019 I was offered the opportunity to help recognize a friend for his efforts to create incredible authenticity in the realm. Arne Ulrichson was given invitation to enter the King's Order of Excellence, a well deserved honor.For my part, I was honored to have been asked by the crown to create a brooch in... Continue Reading →

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