Pilgrim Ampulla Flasks

November 2018 This was my entry into the 2018 St. Eligius Arts & Sciences Competition. This was my first entry into an A&S competition and I ended up winning the Novice and the Metal, Glass, Clay, & Wood categories. "My friends went all the way to the Holy Land, and all I got was this... Continue Reading →


November 2018 The Order of the Golden Rapier I feel the need to unburden myself of my quirky crafting behavior and my process. I almost never know how I am going to make a thing. I know what I want, and I have ideas and plans how to get there, but much of my process... Continue Reading →

The Yankee Pilgrim badge

November 2018 This is a piece that was meant for Arne Ulrichson as a gift on the event of his elevation into the order of Chivalry. I could not make it to his actual elevation, but I was able to present him with this token at the Crown Tournament of Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke and Vienna... Continue Reading →

Ogre for an O.G.R.

So a good friend, and shop mate, Æsa Ormstunga was recently inducted into the Order of the Golden Rapier, or O.G.R. I was invited to make for them a token of their new status and station.Because Æsa and I share a jocular approach to our shop time I thought it fitting to present them with... Continue Reading →

Lineage Belt

A little over a year ago I was accepted as apprentice to Mistress Honig von Summerfeldt. At the East Kingdom’s 50th anniversary celebration I displayed my lineage proudly with a belt I crafted. At the recent GNEW my apprentice sister was elevated to become a Companion of the Order Of the Laurel, and on this... Continue Reading →

Nicol’s Nickels

Nicol mac Donnachaidh is a longtime friend of mine. We have known each other longer than either of us would care to admit. I have worked with him, fought by his side and been the recipient of his well-crafted words as part of some of my scrolls. He is a great guy and so when... Continue Reading →

Silver Brooch

I made a thing for a friend! I had the opportunity to make silver brooch for a friend of mine that was there when I first started in the SCA and has been a great inspiration to me along the way, Johannes von Braunschweig. I am glad that he was recognized for his crafts with... Continue Reading →

Baronial Coronet Christiana Crane

I wanted to make a coronet for my big sister, inspiration, and fellow shenaniganizer, Christiana Crane. Nickel Silver band with blue pearls, and snowflake charms. The center piece is etched nickel silver embellished with blue glass paint. A faux fur lining for our Winter Witch.

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