Baronial Coronet for Sir Arne Ulrichson

February 2022 If the previous project was fraught with trials and tribulations, this one made up for it. As if by some divine providence, everything came together for me exactly as I wanted and I was able to make this artifact for Sir Arne. Inspiration I was inspired by his dedication to his research and... Continue Reading →

Gorgoneion Cypher

Our Sovereign, Magnus Tindal, requested some assistance in crafting a Cypher that could be awarded to members of our community that provided exceptional service during their exceptional reign.  After discussing what type of form this award would be we agreed that it should be something that was practical and useful rather than a mere display... Continue Reading →

Baronial coronet for Eirikr Oxnahals

This was my first coronet, and I learned much during the creation process. I was proud of the finished result, but it pales in comparison to the pride I feel for my brother in Thunder being recognized by their Majesties.Etched brass plates on a hand dyed leather band with wool lining. Points of faceted red... Continue Reading →

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