Baronial Coronet for Sir Arne Ulrichson

February 2022 If the previous project was fraught with trials and tribulations, this one made up for it. As if by some divine providence, everything came together for me exactly as I wanted and I was able to make this artifact for Sir Arne. Inspiration I was inspired by his dedication to his research and... Continue Reading →

Baronial Coronet for Anna von Baden

Overdue Update: part the next December 2021 I was commissioned to produce a coronet for the granting of a barony of the court of Ioannes II and Honig II to Anna von Baden. I was given free reign to decide style and aesthetics with the only request to include flowers of the Edelweiss as a... Continue Reading →

Baronial Coronet for Fearghus mac Cailin

October 2021 The spiritual pairing to Cat's diadem is of course the coronet for Fearghus mac Cailin. I was glad to be able to produce a coronet that not only fit his personality, but also his head, using techniques of sneakiness and treachery that would I knew he would appreciate. Inspiration I used his arms... Continue Reading →

Commissioned Coronet Baron Wulfgar Silfrahárr

May 2020 Band is hand-hammered nickel-silver with brass pattern wire embellishments. The Stag is etched copper, and enameled. The jewels are imitation amber. I tried experimenting with a few new techniques where after I hammered and polished the band, I plated with copper, and then polished again.  It provides a very subtle color variation in... Continue Reading →

Baronial Coronet Christiana Crane

I wanted to make a coronet for my big sister, inspiration, and fellow shenaniganizer, Christiana Crane. Nickel Silver band with blue pearls, and snowflake charms. The center piece is etched nickel silver embellished with blue glass paint. A faux fur lining for our Winter Witch.

Baronial coronet for Eirikr Oxnahals

This was my first coronet, and I learned much during the creation process. I was proud of the finished result, but it pales in comparison to the pride I feel for my brother in Thunder being recognized by their Majesties.Etched brass plates on a hand dyed leather band with wool lining. Points of faceted red... Continue Reading →

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