Roman Diadem

June 2021 This was a commissioned diadem artifact for patron Baroness Kassir Ni Deoraine looking to add to their Roman aesthetic. It combines metal shaping, cutting, and forming, casting, enameling, acid etching, carving all to create a single artifact. Inspired from Roman period designs and elements enhanced to include personalized aspects of the patron and... Continue Reading →

Diadem commission

I come today to show the latest example of my work producing a diadem for a wonderful peer of the East. It was requested to feature certain elements of their device; acorns and hearts. It was also desired to illustrate their station as both a double peer of the realm and a holder of a... Continue Reading →

Silver Spider Coronet For my beautiful and patient wife, Aureliana Curva, I made the very first diadem. The band is fine silver anointed with crystal and pearl encrusted spiders. I learned a lot from this project and made SO many mistakes. Looking back at this now the spiders ( which are made of painted pot... Continue Reading →

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