Nicol’s Nickels

Nicol mac Donnachaidh is a longtime friend of mine. We have known each other longer than either of us would care to admit. I have worked with him, fought by his side and been the recipient of his well-crafted words as part of some of my scrolls. He is a great guy and so when... Continue Reading →

Silver Tyger Medallion Mk2.0

As I continue to refine the design slightly, improve my casting technique and work with new materials, I present the Medallions for the Silver Tyger, Mk2.0 This version is slightly cleaner, and the more even and without the tell-tale 3D printed texture. Also I switched from porcelain paint to glass paint for a richer, more... Continue Reading →

Silver Mantle Medallion

My efforts continue to ensure that when a member of the populace receives and award that they receive a medallion along with their recognition. With the relatively newly creation of these awards, the royal coffers were quite limited and needed to be filled. I have created several silver level award medallions, including this one to... Continue Reading →

Sword embellishments

May 2015 To commemorate the event of the his admission to the Order of the Chivalry I created embellishing plaques for the knighting sword of Master Ioannes. Designed based from his arms of a three-headed hydra in the style of his household Serpentius. Initially designed digitally, 3D printed, molded, and modified to fit the gladius... Continue Reading →

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