It Begins

2010 GNEW

My first big casting project started in 2010 making site tokens for Great North Eastern War.

I learned so much from this experience and have taken a lot of this knowledge and experience forward in my efforts to progress my art and efforts.

The process was to start in wax and clay using liberty wax and Chavant plastalina clay to create the start of the token. The inspiration was from the Malagentian arms, Purpure, a moon in her complement within a laurel wreath argent. I used a mold to start the face and cleaned and carved the laurel wreath before creating molds from various silicone. It was an iterative process where I would make a mold, cast in different medium, wax, clay, plaster and then continue to modify and perfect the design, and repeat until it was ready for final.

The final casting was using a process called “cold-casting”, metallic bronze powder is brushed into the mold and coating the surface, and then filled with resin to create a medallion. Minor cleanup would still be needed.

As this was my first project, I was very bad at ‘thickness’ issues and the few pewter cast items that were presented to the staff were, shall we say, rather weighty.

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