Baronial Coronet for Cailte Crobdurg MacScandal

One of the first coronets that I ever created.

The band was leather that I stamped with celtic knotwork design. The copper band was etched with ferric chloride. The design is of celtic cats, part of his heraldry. The discs were etched copper vitreous enameled in champlevé method. The lightning bolt points were pewter cast from carved soapstone. The liner is sheepskin wool.

The fun part was that I created this with Cailte in the shop as we were working on casting the site tokens for GNEW together.

This was one of my very first uses of enamel. Believe it or not, that is actually white enamel that turned red in the kiln as a result of the contaminants from the copper discs. In the closeup you can see the rough matte on parts of the enamel where I used the sanding stone to even out the uneven surface.

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